A Place for Children

Come and Join Us! 
Your extended family awaits you.


St. Peter's is a place where children matter, where Christ's little ones are meant to be seen and heard, where the youth are valued not as the future of the church but the church here and now.









MISSION STATEMENT:  St. Peter's Christian Education program will provide an education of the highest caliber for out students based on the values of our Christian Faith:  put God first, love others as you love yourself, and participate in God's plan by putting faith into action.

CONFIRMATION CLASS:  All youths in 8th and 9th grades are invited to participate, along with older teens and adults who wish to be confirmed.  This is an in-depth, one-year class including Bible study and building of inner strength with God’s guidance. 



Thank you, God, for feet that run
for hands that clap,
for eyes that see
For toes that wiggle just for fun,
and thank you, God, for making me.
For all the strength we have,
To run and leap and play;
For all our limbs so sound and strong,
We thank you, God, today.
For all the power we have,
To feel, and hear, and do;
For all your beauty round about,
Our praises rise to you.

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