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St. Peter's United Church of Christ - Mission Activities

Jericho Road Ministries and the Adama Martha Medical Clinic in Sierra Leone:

Phebian Abdulai from St. Peter's has partnered with Jericho Road Community Health Center to build a healthcare center in Sierra Leone - the Adama Martha Memorial Health Clinic. The goal is to work with the local churches and medical personnel to create a self-perpetuating clinic in a rural village that is desperately in need of medical services. Jericho Road provides financial support, raises funds, and provides ongoing technical support. Phebian returns to her home country regularly to direct the clinic's operations, help the country rebuild from the devastating effects of the Ebola crisis, provide fresh water supplies, and enable children to attend school. Visit the Jericho Road website at



St. Peter's Food Pantry regularly distributes non-perishable items to those in our church and our community who need help.  Donations of non-perishable food items are always appreciated. 


St. Peter's has participated in and supported the work of NY/HELP in Honduras. The group conducts regular mission trips to provide medical care, work in the schools, and help upgrade community buildings. We accept donations to support these missions and to purchase roofing materials.  The NY/HELP web site is:  A blog about their last trip including great stories and photos is located at:


We are collecting cell phones for delivery to Haven House women's shelter.


Everyone is welcome to join the Mission Committee, support our projects, or submit ideas.  The more there are, the more we can do.  Donations can be made to specific projects or by including a "Benevolence" contribution in weekly envelopes.  See events for next meeting date.



Mission Opportunities in Our Church World Community

Other charitable organizations outside of St. Peter's that you may want to consider supporting on your own:


The Board of Directors of the United Church Home, dba Plymouth Crossroads, has secured a home in Lancaster for abused and homeless youth in need of long-term housing.  Plymouth Crossroads serves between 35-40 male youth and young adults annually, ages 16 to 20, from throughout Western New York.  The residence houses up to eight youths at any given time in a home environment.  The average length of stay in transitional housing is 6-12 months and varies with each individual.  A thorough initial assessment is completed for each individual prior to entry.  Youth in this program do not have a history of severe drug or alcohol addition, or have a history of violence, aggression, or severe mental illness.  The Plymouth Crossroads Transitional Residential Living Program provides safe shelter and empowers young people to develop independent, healthy paths to their future by offering them the tools they need to be self-supportive and avoid long-term dependency on social services.  To donate, contact 716-393-3906.


Please pray for the continued future of this great facility.  You may want to consider a financial contribution, volunteer some time, or attend any one of the terrific camps and build your memories before it’s too late.  Visit their web site at for more information.



Our mission committee has made several mission trips to learn about and help this worthwhile endeavor in Cleveland, Ohio.  Not only does the home provide residential programs for at-risk youth, it also provides crisis and intervention services to meet a wide range of community needs.  See their web site at for complete information.

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